Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beach Art

On a recent trip to the beach I visited a pottery that for years I've just driven straight past. Of course it took visiting friends to point it out, and to also point out that just because we were At The Beach didn’t mean we couldn’t do some fun cultural outings near the beach. (The cellar door visit was another good idea.)
I bought this beautiful bowl; its blues reminded me of the rockpools in the area, and the colour around the edge is so like the seaweed that rims each pool.

I prefer owning art and jewellery which reminds me of a specific place, I find it more fulfilling when an object is memory-filled as well as attractive.

And the blues go very well with summer berries!


  1. A lovely piece for the collection. I have many pieces just like that. A soda glaze vase from a visit to a workshop in the Central West and numerous cheap and cheerful jewels from visits to places. Nothing super expensive, just small memories.

  2. ooh gorgeous! hello there - u forgot to tell me u started a blog! fantastic! hope u enjoy blogging as much as i do. am looking forward to having a good poke around your world and going through your archive. btw did 'the mums that blog' article come out yet? xx