Monday, April 27, 2009

Straight Lines

When you visit other cities you invariably compare them to your own, and I always find this even more the case when I'm in Sydney. Perhaps this is due to the famed Sydney/Melbourne rivalry, or more likely because Tom was nice enough to leave his family and friends behind and move to Melbourne not long after we met, so I've always sort of felt that some time living up there is on the cards. (Plus there are so many magazines based in Sydney, which is another draw-card for me.)

I know that for some of the things I love about Melbourne I could learn to love the opposite in Sydney, but right now, here's one of the things I love about Melbourne.

Straight lines. I understand that behind a curve in the road lies mystery and surprise, but I love that you look all the way down Swanston Street and see the Shrine of Remembrance, and pictured below is another favourite.

The view down Brunswick Street towards a church in East Melbourne.


  1. Have I missed something? Are you moving to Sydney?

  2. Not anytime soon I don't think! But maybe within the next few years... For now I'll stick to revelling in my Melbourne loves.

  3. I love that too! I can never cross a street or walk past a laneway without looking up it.