Sunday, May 10, 2009


So it feels like awhile since I last posted. I keep writing posts in my head but then not getting them down quickly enough, and then they just seem to stagnate and by the time I come to write them they've lost their gleam, and it doesn't feel worth it. I wonder if others struggle with this when blogging. And I'm constantly realising that I should have taken a photo because without it there's no post. But I still enjoy the writing in my head, and hopefully I'll just get better at pulling it all together. So next I think I'll write one of the posts I've been mulling over for quite some time, and hopefully I didn't lose the shine by waiting.

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  1. for me its all about the photo, its usually my starting point. sometimes ill have an idea then set out to illustrate it with a photo. i'm not a writer though - imaging your process will be different to mine. i find blogging a good discipline which i do my best to keep up but sometimes the inspiration just isn't there and i have big breaks. hope u feel inspired again soon x