Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Down Shakespeare St

Yesterday I wandered down

I made an effort to look up, as I recently learnt, and was duly rewarded

But what was below was even more important

The entrance to

And inside? Well, inside there were plenty of lovely people spinning and chatting and doing other wool-related activities. And I got to choose from this wall

for more wool for the scarves I've been knitting. It's all gloriously lush handwoven wool which is so soft and has such lovely colours.

If you're ever around go check them out:
Handweavers and Spinner Guild of Victoria
12-20 Shakespeare St
Carlton North


  1. Argggh, the internet keeps booting me out of your comments box.
    I borrowed a book written by this guild in the 1970s on dyeing natural fibres with Australian native plants. Fascinating stuff.

  2. ohh a knitter too! such a great hobby we r such nannas arn't we! great tip will defo check it out that wool sounds gorgeous