Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Problem and Solution Side by Side

Our pak choi is getting absolutely savaged by fat little caterpillars at the moment, despite being picked over each morning.

But while this type of green is getting stripped to its very skeleton, right in front of it another is thriving and bug-free:

Warrigal greens.

I was intending to plant these in the front yard and let them slowly replace the lawn, but I chickened out, which is just as well because at our first rental inspection last week the property manage told us the owner is incredibly attached to his garden and wouldn't take kindly to the lawn being torn up. So instead these were plonked down on the edge for easy access and they seem to be loving life! They're an indigenous plant that is used just like spinach.

1 comment:

  1. I hadn't done a spot check of the broccoli for a day and a half, and this morning, was trying to rub cabbage moth lava off them. So many. I'd never seen so many. I'd been managing to keep them at bay and had such good looking plants - without the use of pesticides - and I think I'll go home to find caterpillars everywhere from the lava I missed. Sigh.
    Tell me, do the warrigal greens cook and taste like spinach? Are you using them in salads too?