Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Act your age!

Occasionally I feel like I live an overly sedate life for someone in their mid-twenties. For instance, last weekend there was the choice of bee keeping workshop or the offer of some tickets to Parklife.

I'm happy to say the bee keeping workshop was able to be put off for another weekend, and instead I wandered around a freezing cold festival site, still feeling older than my age because I had decided to opt for jeans and a jumper rather than hot pants and a crop top on a day with a top of 16 degrees. But at least I saw some awesome music! Lykke Li in particular was one to get excited about, but others I liked included Kimbra, Gossip, Santigold, and Example.

Photo by Karen Roe

1 comment:

  1. Kimbra rocks live. Man, I want to see you still rockin' Parklife in your 60s. I was going to check out Harvest - for the more mature crowd - and will have to get my act together for St Jerome's Laneway Fest next year. Gah!