Thursday, November 1, 2012

A change in the air

I chose awesome (obviously).
After some flip-flopping about lots of different things, I decided Melbourne had too much to offer right now (on so many fronts), and couldn't be ignored. Plus, coming home in October gave me the chance to spend 10 days with various family members on the US east coast (and in autumn - eeep!) on my way home. The photo above is from a walk in Ithaca.

What next? I'm not entirely sure. Probably not journalism, the industry's just too dire these days for me I think. I'm throwing my CV out there a great deal right now, but also very seriously looking at a Master of Urban Horticulture. We'll see. But there are so many exciting developments and fresh things going on in my life that I know it's going to be an incredible year, and a particularly wonderful summer. Just remind me of that in a few weeks time when my Canadian bank account is drained and no job has materialised!

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  1. Oh Jen, your posts and the comments on my blog always come at a time when I really need them. Thanks. I'd be happy to natter, even by phone if need be, about my experiences of the Australian news market but we both know you're right, it's damn rocky. As for the other side ... I can have a natter to you about that too.