Monday, June 22, 2009

Backcountry escape

Last weekend a friend suggested that we go skiing for the week. I explained that I had essays due, deadlines approaching, etc. and that it probably wasn't a great idea. Then I did what I normally do when confronted with such a situation, and decided to work myself ten times as hard in the few days on either side of the trip and do it all. Last Monday involved crazy amounts of rushing around all over town handing in 10,500 words of assessment and hiring skis, but it was definitely worth it. We set out late, arriving in Mansfield after midnight, and then the next day drove up to the mountains for some backcountry skiing.

Mark skiing.

We didn't see a single other person until we returned to Mansfield on Friday. We skied on wonderful snow along tracks used by four wheel drivers in summer. We camped on summits with beautiful views. We talked about the world, the environment, what we plan to do with our lives, moments that have changed us, why we only ever eat alfalfa when we're hiking - you know, all the important stuff.

One of our campsites.

I love the similarity between the lines of the trees and clouds.

My mum's favourite tree - snowgums.

You can just see Mt Buller in the background to the right of the tree.

For some reason my shins got really sore and swollen, so we camped in one spot for two of the nights so I could rest and ice them. This is how I spent the day:

Making cups of tea.

The morning's teabag, ready for re-use.

Reading old favourites.

The perfect week to counteract being locked in a study for weeks finishing essays!


  1. How lovely!
    ( I just tagged you too :))

  2. oh wow u guys r brave camping on snow jeepers. pics look breathaking & sounds like it was totally worth the effort