Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Between the passing showers

I snuck out to take some quick snaps in the demi-second of rain-free weather so that I could show you the evolution of my funny little coconut pot:

Some string, knots, and I've got a funny little hanging coconut pot.
It's quite nifty, they hang off odd little nails along the fence where I can admire them. A word of warning though, they dry out very quickly, so I've only managed succulents in them, everything else has carked it too quickly.

Another great ideas for quirky pots are Claerwen's op-shopped wooden bowls over at Home Girl, I definitely want to give that project a shot!

My housemate recently gave me this book:

The Thrifty Gardener, by Alys Fowler

It has some fantastic ideas that are right up my alley, even if I have doubts about whether I'll manage to find such glamourous boxes to recycle.

Lovely photography as well, sorry the re-photographed photos aren't quite as impressive!

Alys also had a blog over at the BBC Gardeners' World, she's wrapped it up now, but to be honest, I think the book's better! There's a few other projects in it that I want to try, if I do I'll put some shots of them up.

And finally, I just thought I'd include a shot of what I'm looking at this week.

I read somewhere that having fresh flowers nearby had been proved to help creativity, and I thought my essays would benefit from some creativity. Instead, I think my procrastination methods may have got a little more creative! Not sure about the actual essays though. Hmmm.


  1. I love your coconut pot! Great recycling idea.

    I have only just found your blog. Its great! I love frugal gardening and am trying to spend as little money on my garden as posible. Recycling and rescuing...


  2. That coconut pot is awesome.

  3. Your blog is lovely :) I have a tiny patch of front garden in Sydney I love to potter in, that coconut pot is adorable(I've also been procratinating creatively this week .. at least flowers make it a prettier place to procrastinate :)