Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going Loco, Finding Choko

I'm not going too loco, but it has been a little crazy with work deadlines and the return to uni. I've been swept up with excitement about the research project I'm doing, which is about how men's and women's magazines differ in their coverage of environmental issues. I'm pleased as punch that I thought of the topic, as it covers quite a few areas that interest me. Now if only I didn't actually have to get through a knee-high pile of books about media theory and gender studies.

But in other exciting developments, I found I was accidentally growing another type of vegie!

I think I did know somewhere in the back of my mind that I thought this was edible, and that's why I didn't pull it out when it started to get going. But I'm now fairly sure it's Choko (if anyone knows otherwise, stop me before I poison myself). Choko apparently fell out of favour with Australians during the Great Depression because it was what poor people ate (plus most people aren't too fond of its blandness), so it seems quite suiting that it turned up as we go into recession. It also has quite pretty flowers that are attracting plenty of bees.


  1. hmmm i have something that looks suspiciously like that taking over my garden. i am not fond of it as it has spread over the top of a bottle brush tree and appears to be choking it (maybe hence the name?) I didn't realise it was edible, the pods open and out come millions of fairys, you know the whispy star ones with a little seed in the middle? the boys love that

  2. So apparently this isn't choko, I think it's called milk weed or moth weed, I can't remember which now. On the upside, someone I know reckons they've been eating it for months with no problems. Not sure I'm game though.