Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grey Day Consolation*

Maybe consolation is the wrong word. In fact it felt like I was luxuriating in the cool weather as I sat with my latte and pain au chocolat, listening to the patter of downpipes dripping on pavement and the hiss of cars speeding past on the wet road. Now I'm watching rain slide down my study window, blurring and distorting the world outside, and trying to remember the last time it rained like this.

And maybe consolation is the right word, because part of the joy of weather like this is being consoled by comforts like a hot drink steaming in the damp, cold air or being wrapped in a woollen jumper with a good book as the rain on the roof lulls you into a languorous cocoon.

*Given how often I find myself tempted by this little French bakery on a nearby corner, this post could also be correctly titled 'There's No Milk Left And I Can't Be Arsed Shopping', 'I Can't Stand The Thought of Another Sandwich', 'It's Sunny! Let's Sit Outside', 'Surely Spinach Slice Counts As My Daily Iron Intake' or 'My Jeans Feel Loose, Must Be Time to Reward Myself'.

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  1. You don't need to justify the chocolate and delicious pastry ... go and enjoy.