Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weird pots

One thing you may notice from the photo of zucchinis in the last post is that they're not growing in a garden bed. We live in a rental property with an almost entirely concrete backyard, so a lot of the garden is in pots. I like finding ways to create pots from other things, or scavenging pots for free (the nursery at CERES often throws up some fantastic free pots). That zucchini plant grows in a styrofoam box that I painted terracotta colour. It was interesting to note how much better the plants in styrofoam boxes fared in the extreme heat of the last few months, the insulation must have helped keep the roots from frying! Coconut shells also make funny little pots.

They already have a weak point where it's easy to make drainage holes, they're something you would otherwise throw away, and they look quite cute perched around the garden with succulents in them. I think the next step to try would be making hanging coconut pots!


  1. ohhh coconut shells - i've never seen this before - what a fab idea! i love finding pot alternatives, one of my favs is wooden fruit bowls from the oppy (need a drill though to make holes)

  2. great idea! I'll have to give that one a try as well.