Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm frequently thankful for having great friends. Fun people who are excellent listeners, thinkers, talkers, doers and carers. And then on top of all that they sometimes pop by with extra little surprises to make me appreciate them even more. Like a mix cd of music they think I might like, complete with a handmade cover.

My favourite track is #4 - Streets of Your Town by the Go-betweens. Or the Langley Schools Music Project singing Mandy. Or really any of the others - M has fantastic taste in music and is far more on top of the scene than I ever will be.

And yesterday G popped by for a cup of tea on the way home from work and surprised me with lovely flowers.

How lucky am I?


  1. so lucky! music is an esp lovely gift

  2. I agree, particularly when it was so carefully hand-picked.