Friday, February 13, 2009

what to say, what to do...

It's hard to know what to say or do when tragedy like the Victorian bushfires hit. I've started writing a post numerous times since the fires took hold last weekend, but what can we say in the face of something of such enormity? Not much more than that we sympathise so deeply with those affected, mourn for those lost, and are thankful for how lucky we have been.

One of the best round-ups of ways to help is over at Pea Soup of the Day, and an up to date list of ways to help is at the Handmade Help site. Poppalina's link to Our Community was another good one.

If donating money outright is a bit of a stretch, here are some of the best ways to help:

Shop at Coles this Friday and Safeway or Woolworths next Friday, as all profits go to the Bushfire Appeal. Stock up on all those pantry staples.

Buy birthday and Christmas presents well in advance from Handmade Help or the Etsy Bushfire Appeal shop set up to help raise money.

Register to donate blood. Even if they don't need it yet, they will eventually - my nursing friends tell me that burns victims need a lot of blood over a long period of time, so the more people the Red Cross has to call on in coming months, the better.

Take in animals. Domestic animals who don't have homes, or native animals whose habitats have been destroyed.

Shop at Salvation Army, Wildlife Victoria, Red Cross, etc. op-shops.

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  1. I so agree, it's been an awful start to the year. I can't shake the feeling of impending doom - dramatic, yes.