Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One month on

So, a month or so since resolution time. How are mine faring?

Get back to full health: blood tests revealed a B12 deficiency which I've started taking tablets to rectify.

Blog: errr, I'm trying to get into the swing of it, but still find myself having identity crises about which blogs might want to be friends with my blog, and whether anything I say is going to matter to anyone out there.

Make a more productive garden: we'll see, the heat killed half of it, but I've still got high hopes for the zucchini plants and the next lot of planting.

Think more positively: I'm working hard on re-framing negative thoughts, but a lot of bad stuff has happened this month. I'm not sure where the line between excessively negative thoughts and permissible grief lies.

Take more advantage of opportunities I already have: I've started writing again for a website where I already had contacts, have booked in a weekend of mountain biking with friends who can show me the ropes, and got back in touch with a mag I used to work for.

Make more of an effort to expand my friendship circle and do fun social activities: I've been to a couple of parties where I knew barely anyone and not said no to invitations quite as often. It's a good start.

Exercise more, take better care of my teeth, see more of Australia, try some new activities: whoops, next month.

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  1. lots of ticks sounds like you have been a good girl! blogging has its ups and downs - most of the time i feel i'm blogging away to myself. defo worth the effort though. will be interesting to see how it evolves x