Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking comfort from...

1. Regrowth.

Even as my plants fry again, it's good to see them sending out shoots and refusing to go down without a fight. It's also a particularly pertinent reminder that one day the burnt areas of Victoria will regrow. It's scant consolation given how many lives have been lost, but I find it helps. I've hiked through areas that were burnt out in the fires a couple of years ago, and although the snow gums will take a long time to recover, it's amazing how much has grown in a few short years.

2. Cyclists.

I cycle everywhere, and so I always get a buzz from the peak hour cyclist rush in inner Melbourne. This picture is in Canning St, which is pretty much a cyclist highway at peak hour thanks to low car traffic flow and good traffic lights. Somehow seeing this makes me feel like maybe one day more people will get the fact that it's really not that hard to cut their car use. In other exciting bike news, it was wonderful to see creation of bike lanes slip onto the government's economic stimulus package. Score one for the cyclists!

3. Our water bill.
Which totalled to 70 litres per person per day. We've been using a laundromat for the past year, so our water use is actually a bit higher, but still, with the government urging us all to cut our water use to 155 litres per day, it did make me feel good.


  1. great post, v nice to have some uplifting thoughts in these esp depressing weeks. am feeling so anxious about rain - when will it ever rain?

  2. we will have ti sart a collective blogging raindance!

  3. that was supposed to read 'to start'